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Sandler Training - United Kingdom | Franchising

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Meet Our Franchisees


Caroline Robinson - Cambridge

Meet Caroline Robinson, our Franchise Partner in Cambridge. Caroline talks about what she has gained from being part of the network and how it has affected her life. Caroline talks about the opportunities Sandler gives and the flexibility you get from running your own business. Above all for Caroline, it comes from having a tangible benefit on her clients' businesses.

Chris Ginnely - London

Meet Chris, our Franchise partner based in West London. Chris is fairly new to the network and was Sandler's Worldwide Rookie of the Year in his first year - a huge feat! He joined Sandler as he wanted to be part of a world class organisation, whilst still being able to build a scalable business. Having the global footprint of Sandler, and the support of home office, he has been able to build a business across the world. 

Anneli Thomson - Oxford

Hear from Anneli Thomson, our Franchise based in Oxfordshire - with clients spanning across the UK. She talks about the benefits of a global network, coming from our 300+ offices around the globe and the UK based network which allows for shared clients between office.

Andy McCreadie - Exeter

Andy McCreadie, based in Exeter, offers his insights into what he has got out of the Sandler network since joining. He talks about the support you get from being part of a global (and very active) network as well as the learnings on communication and psychology that comes from working within Sandler - and how this can even impact your personal life. 

Marcus and Suzanne Cauchi - Reading

Marcus and Suzanne were the first Franchisee in they UK. Now based in Reading, they enjoy the flexibility given by the business model, as well as the empowerment of owning your own business. With a young family, running a Sandler office gave them the lifestyle they wanted, whilst still putting family first.

Paul Sandford - Basingstoke

Paul joined Sandler to build a business, not buy a job. He appreciates the freedom and control you get from running your own business. In a professional capacity Paul likes the impact that Sandler has on the businesses of his clients.

Nigel Dunand - Birmingham

Nigel joined Sandler in the middle of the recession and in his words 'it was raining, and I was selling umbrellas'. He thrives on the growth and learning he has achieved since being part of Sandler, as well as the huge impact he has had on the businesses of his clients. 

Ground-breaking LinkedIn-Sandler book

LinkedIn the Sandler Way

Sandler and LinkedIn—the world's largest sales training organisation and the world's largest networking organisation—have released our first joint book publication.

A must-have book for any professional salesperson who wants to maximize his or her prospecting efforts using LinkedIn.