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Sandler Training - United Kingdom | Franchising

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Consult and deliver bespoke business development programmes with the Sandler Sales System, PROVEN to generate a recurring SIX figure income.

 Sandler Training UK are an elite group of business leaders who together form the UK arm of this multi-award winning global network of over 300 franchisees.

Part of your responsibility as a sales manager is to help your sales team become more effective salespeople.

So, what can you do to improve your performance and be a better manager, mentor, and motivator?

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High margins, typically 85% gross and 60%+ net profits
Built on a recurring income stream
Employ a team and scale your business
Be part of an elite goal-focused group of high-achievers
Enjoy the reward of helping businesses succeed
A business model that has produced millionaires!



Stage 1                      

Consult yourself
£250K+ sales
60%+ net profit

Stage 2                          

Employ associates
£500K+ sales
Scale your business

 Stage 3

£million+ sales
Enjoy life!                      


Sales managers must consistently perform the following functions well in order for the sales team to be consistently successful.

  • Recruiting and hiring ideal candidates to build a strong, productive sales team

  • Leading Your Sales Team, setting clear expectations and holding members accountable

  • Maximizing your team's performance with to help them reach their full potential  

“There is an unofficial race between four of us to be the first million pound turnover business in the UK.
The US have numerous million dollar franchisees, but they are thirty years ahead of us!
This is the year that the target will tumble, but who will get there first!?”

Anneli Thomson – Sandler Franchise Partner

Sandler really is only suited to an elite few, with the right attitude, drive, skills and presence to be able to apply the proven tools and materials to help business owners and their employees make measurable increases in their bottom line.

The initial franchise fee is £49k +VAT. Overheads are low giving high profit margins and therefore a great return on your investment, even without any consideration of selling your business once you have established and grown it. This business opportunity is perfect for driven consultative business people who love sales! You will need a total of £55K, up to 70% bank funding available subject to status.


sustainable success in sales = accountability

Create a Culture of Accountability for Your Team

Accountability The Sandler Way, written by author and Sandler trainer Hamish Knox, shares how sales managers can create an accountability-driven work culture for their teams and themselves… by investing just 20 minutes a week in Sandler sales and management principles.

Accountability can be a way of life for your sales team, creating clarity for yourself and your team around goals (yours and theirs), the path to achieve those goals (yours and theirs) and the consequences triggered by failing to stick to the path. And it's easier than you think to accomplish.